New Release:

Amy: A Rogue Enforcers Novella

By: E.A Phoenix

Cover By: Dark Water Covers

Release Date: 9/22/2022


Amy Bronson, a down home country girl. Content with life, just wanting to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend. What she gets instead is more than she ever could imagine.

Clayton Hughes is itching to get back to his life on the ranch in Montana. To pass the time, he endorses an underground fight club. What he didn’t expect was to find a reason to stick around…


New Logo

Thanks to my amazingly artistic daughter, Lina, for creating my new logo. Changing my pen name wasn't an easy decision, but I knew it was the best choice, under the circumstances. But thankfully my circle rallied together to help me create something beautiful. So, when looking for my work, you'll no longer find it under Ember Phoenix, instead it can be found under E.A. Phoenix. I'm currently in the process of working with my team to change the covers of previous work, but don't fret, I'm still the same sassy redhead you know and love, just upgraded!

Also Available:

Brian: A Rogue Enforcers Novella

By E. A. Phoenix

Cover By: Dark Water Covers

Release Date: 5/31/2022


Best friends forever, the phrase that is supposed to mean they always have your back.

But what happens when your best friend becomes your fated mate? Does the change in status, mean the relationship stops, changes, or just stays the same, with extra perks?

Can Brian and Adrienne navigate through the new change in their relationship, or is there outside forces that will force the couple to fight for their lives?

The Rogue Enforcers are a family, and when one of their people is in trouble, they all jump in to help.